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My wife and I came to Greenville, South Carolina in 1980 and continued to dance and perform (here and guesting) as we began teaching, choreographing and raising a family here. The city has grown and become one of the top-ten places to live on many lists. The cost of living is a fraction of what it is in NY or other big cities. The house we built for $180,000 would be worth over $500,000 in most big cities. We are now grandparents of four and ready to start having other people teach. We are hoping to find a young couple, perhaps still dancing, with some teaching and choreographing skills that can take over the work and continue growing our school. I think you can see the quality of our work from our resumes, photos, and videos on this website. I have done the ABT teacher certification in recent years.

I am currently looking for a job as a CPA (you can read my story here or peruse this website) and plan to use that income to pay you! So for August 2019, we may have to get by with only one teacher, but if we are not ready for a couple in 2019, we will be in 2020.

Single teacher for August 2019

Assuming we (or you) are not ready to start in 2019, we do need someone who can teach at least 4 classes and more likely 8. We have classes on Monday thru Thursday, so you could work elsewhere on the weekends. Depending on your skills and experience (and number of hours), we are thinking this would be a $10,000-$20,000 salary.

August 2020

In August of 2020 (possible August 2019) we see the full-time couple job with some management-level responsibilities as a $50,000-$60,000 salary depending on your skills and experience.


We would be happy to field initial questions by email. Then talk on the phone soon after. Please send resume/bio/CV with your first email so we know who we are talking to.