Greenville Ballet School is the answer for many parents looking for dance classes for kids.  But it can be confusing to search through the possibilities in your area when there are no obvious options for dance classes.

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Here are a few pointers for finding the best studios in your area with dance classes for kids:

Evaluate locations for classesdance classes for kids

Obviously you are looking for someplace nearby and convenient, but the nearest place is not necessarily the best when choosing dance classes for kids. You choose a doctor, hairdresser, or even a grocery store by quality and experience, not just location. Do the same for dance classes for kids. Make a list of all the schools in your area, but don’t just pick the closest one.

Cost of sending your kid to classes

We all know that you get what you pay for, so good quality dance classes for kids may cost more than poor quality classes. Shop around for sure, but look for quality not price. You should also check online reviews as well as their Facebook pages.

What tells me it’s good quality dance classes for kids?

Look at the faculty and the facility. Who is teaching? Were they successful professional dancers? Did they have training at a dance classes for kidsprofessional school or university, or only at local dance studios? Are they young and inexperienced, or seasoned teachers? Is the facility large and safe? Are the floors and sub-floors built for dance (sprung) or are you dancing on concrete, linoleum, or slippery wood? Is the room big enough to accommodate the size of the class? Are there adequate lobby areas to wait in or observe classes?

What is the best age to start dance classes for kids?

It really depends on the child. Although many young children love to dance around the house, that is not the same as standing still and paying attention to an instructor for the better part of an hour. Although children as young as 4 can profit from a good curriculum, students can learn just as well when they start in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. Students with a talent or body for ballet may do well starting even later. You may want to research recommended ages for starting children in sports and other physical activities by researching recently published guidelines from the Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness.

What is the best type of dance to start with?

Classical Ballet is the “A-B-C’s” of dance. You have to learn grammar, spelling, and syntax before you can speak or write well – the same goes for dance. What you learn in ballet helps you in every other dance form. What has become Modern, Jazz, and Tap are steps derived from the vocabulary of ballet. Although you are welcome to take any form of dance for fun, without a good ballet foundation, the house will eventually fall down.

Why should we worry about quality if we’re just doing this for fun?

Compare the search for a dance school to another activity, such as swimming lessons. Even if you know your child will never be an Olympic swimmer, wouldn’t you want a Red Crdance classes for kidsoss certified lifeguard? In the same way, quality instruction and expert faculty means better safety for your child. A high-quality, disciplined learning environment means your child will reap more of the benefits of the arts while still having great fun. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to have the same foundational lessons as the pros, in case your child decides to follow their dream later?

Where can I find all these attributes?

The Greenville Ballet School has the area’s best faculty, facility, and curriculum to give your kid the best start and the most opportunities in the dance world. Call or come by today to see for yourself.

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