A Charlotte-based blogging aggregator recently named Greenville Ballet School “best dance studio in the Carolinas.” The website, TopOfBook.com, ranked the five best dance studios in South Carolina and North Carolina based on size of school, quality of instructors and revenue generated. The report also listed Carolina Ballet, International Ballet Academy (IBA), North Carolina Dance Institute, and The Charlotte School of Ballet as contenders for the top position as Best Dance Studio.

Greenville Ballet School believes dance classes should be enjoyable and rewarding for dancers.

The philosophy of Greenville Ballet School is to differentiate itself by being the best dance studio for safety, quality and discipline.

Greenville Ballet School

The important characteristic left out of the rankings was fun, something Greenville Ballet School puts a high value on.

Dance Studio in the Carolinas
Greenville Ballet was recently named best Ballet School on the Content Aggregator website TopOfBook.com

Dance studios in the Carolinas are thriving as both children and adults realize the rewards that come from participating in a school that is disciplined, safe, and fun. The sudden increase in enrollment at Greenville Ballet School may have a lot to do with the exposure dance is getting in the mainstream media with television prime time shows. However, the bigger influence has been the recognition that a dance studio can provide a basis for living a healthy, happy life. The past decade has seen an increase in children and adults participating in yoga and other movement oriented disciplines to increase awareness physically and mentally. Other more extreme activities, such as CrossFit, are leading many adults to take classes at dance studios as an alternative to high impact disciplines. CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen created by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000, but has recently been under attack by critics who point out the dangers with extreme exercise activities who focus on fitness instead of art and fun.

Greenville Ballet School offers adult classes in their dance studio.

More and more children and adults are signing up at our dance studio for the fun aspects of participating in a dance discipline. We welcome you to visit our studios in Greenville located off Woodruff Road. The 8,000 square foot facility is a destination that includes four studios and generous space in our lobbies for socializing and watching classes. With free WiFi, a work-out area, dressing rooms and a culture of dance, Greenville Ballet is a destination that brings a lifetime of experiences to students and those who just come to check out the dance.

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