Although the majority of our business is teaching children, our Adult Ballet class gives “former dancers” who have some experience with ballet a chance to come back to it. Whether it was a passion in your youth – or a passing fancy as an adult – adult ballet is good exercise and a way to improve your posture, poise, and elegance.

What to expect at adult ballet:

Starting adult ballet classes at the Barre

Every class begins at the barre with supporting exercises that isolate specific areas of your body. Adult ballet at the barre allows dancers to develop strength and core stamina by transitioning from one side of the body to the other.

Moving to the Center of the dance floor

Center work during an adult ballet class focuses on unassisted movement away from the barre to advance balance and optimize technique. Through repetition a dancer should expect to find better core balance while strengthening her body.

Center work continues with work on classical ballet poses to help the arms and legs learn the correct positions.  Turning and jumping as the last part of the class creates a lively segment that many adult ballet dancers enjoy for the chance to engage in gleeful expression.

Andrew and Merry Kuharsky’s teaching techniques are based on traditional ballet as taught at world-renowned conservatories. These professional schools in larger cities have similar programs for adult classes. Andrew Kuharsky’s experience at Canada’s National Ballet School provides the fundamentals for adult ballet dancers to express themselves while finding joy in the traditions of ballet as an art.

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