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Adult Ballet classes at the Greenville Ballet School are for beginners and the experienced. We cater to your level.

ENROLL NOW: Adult Ballet: Wednesday 6:45-8:15 p.m.

Let us know if you would be interested in an Adult Jazz/Contemporary class.

Adult Ballet We hope you will join our group of ladies (age 20 to 65) who take a weekly ballet class. Many of our students take Adult Ballet because they enjoy the discipline, physical benefits, and social rewards of participating at our school. Many took ballet when they were younger and have come back to enjoy being in the dance studio once again.

Adult Ballet classes provide an outlet for adults to explore their bodies in the graceful traditions of these disciplines. Students should expect individualized instruction within a nurturing environment. While we invite dancers of all levels to participate in our classes, most students have had some previous experience.

Adult Ballet classes can be a way to get back into shape or to help stay in shape. Many of our dancers develop new muscle tone and find that the health benefits of our classes go beyond physical fitness. Because the Greenville Ballet School focuses on fun and the essence of the art, adult dancers can expect to advance quickly and be able to master the basic steps and movements that define the respective disciplines.

Our instructors are highly trained teachers who cater to the level of the student. This environment allows students of all ages to grow into a better understanding of the art while finding the muscle structure and coordination that leads to graceful movements.

Never took ballet? Give adult ballet a try! See if you can catch on and enjoy the grace and beauty of Classical Ballet.

For further information, look around our website while you are here.