Andrew and Merry Kuharsky - Directors
Your child’s safety is important to us. Because of our expert faculty, we know best how to keep your child safe. We understand what is best for each child of every age. For example, many instructors aren’t aware that allowing a child under 11 to dance on toe (pointe) can actually cause long-term stress and damage to immature feet with bones that aren’t yet fully developed.

Our facilities are also important in preventing injury: large studios, professional non-slip floor surfaces, and sprung wood sub-floors.

For their safety, we also pay close attention to individual students, and advance students only when we feel they are ready for the next step.

Our commitment is always to doing what is right for your child. Though it would be easy and lucrative to give into pressure to advance students beyond what they are capable of—and many studios do this—at Greenville Ballet School we always put your child’s safety first. We will not do anything that we know could hurt your child.